Two Montreal-based companies launch a revolutionary N95 reusable face mask custom-fitted and 3D-printed for all professionals and personal users.

The Quebec partnership is launching the BeyondFit™ face mask.

(Longueuil, June 4th, 2020) – Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the healthcare industry and all professional sectors have been significantly affected by issues related to personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies. The PPE global industry, which has historically been quite traditional with over 80% of the global production capacity centralized in China, has seen an unprecedented surge in demand that was not possible to reliably and timely fulfill.

The impacts on the industry were multiple. First, raw material shortage, loss in productivity, rushed shipping by air and overwhelming demand caused an average price increase of over 500% for the few available supplies of disposable PPE’s across the board. Second, the overwhelming global demand caused a critical overgrowth of production capacity for disposable PPE, scaling up by 10 to 12 times within just three months, which led to high volumes of counterfeit products and much higher defects and return rates than usual. And finally, on top of supplying issues, disposable N95 face masks have proven to be highly wasteful as they are single-use non recyclable items, as well as extremely uncomfortable over extensive periods of use for workers, sometimes badly hurting the face of the wearers.

As businesses are reopening up in what is now the new normal, most industries have updated and enforced new safety protocols that require the organization to equip their employees with reliable PPE equipment daily. But the same issue remains: how to find truly protective, user-friendly, cost competitive and environmentally friendly PPE supplies to support businesses for the long term?

Over the past 3 months, Aurelia Gloves Canada has partnered with Shapeshift 3D to fast track a solution to this problem, and the association is proud to announce the release of the BeyondFit™ face mask today. BeyondFit™ is a custom-fitted, 3D-printed N95 reusable face mask that is 100% recyclable and 100% conceived, made and assembled in North America, and designed for all types of medical, professional or personal use. The BeyondFit™ is leading a new generation of medical and industrial-grade reusable N95 face masks which are fully customized for each user based on a 3D-modelling and printing from their own face scan.

Combined with a new filter technology that proved better filtration efficiency and a breathability rate 6 to 7 times better than traditional N95 filters, the BeyondFit™ face mask is lightweight, it perfectly fits the face of the user with no pressure points, CO2 or heat build up over extensive time of use. The BeyondFit™ has also been design and tested by user to be suited for human interaction and cause no voice attenuation or eyeglasses fog for the wearer. And because this face mask can be fully customized, user have over 700 combinations options for the colors and style of their very own BeyondFit™.

However, we wanted to develop a face mask that is not just perfect for the users, but also good for society. The BeyondFit™ is reusable over 100 times with optimal user comfort and protection from the first use to the last. The face mask is made of Nylon 12 and medical-grade silicone rubber which are sterilizable at 134 celsius degrees, washable in the dishwasher or a laundry machine without any alteration of its properties over repeated sanitizations.

The BeyondFit™ is 100% made of recyclable material, and a product return program with future purchase discount incentive will be available for all customers to enable centralized and optimized recycling of the products.

From a technical and financial standpoint, we committed to make the BeyondFit™ compliant to the highest medical-grade safety standards as well as dramatically more cost effective than any other disposable N95 face masks options available on the market. The manufacturing and assembling process of the BeyondFit™ complies with all required ISO standards for medical use, and our product is currently in the final stages of user testing, certification, and approval for medical usage. Depending on user or enterprise specific business context, we have accomplished an annual cost effectiveness for the BeyondFit™ that is 1.5 to 4.5 times better for any company using disposable face masks for their daily activities. We have also ensured large-scale production capacity and an under 2 weeks lead time for large orders for our product which is already available for pre-order today, and will be available for order starting June 15th.

About the BeyondMask™ team

BeyondMask™ is the Canadian reusable face mask division of Supermax Group, based in Berhad, Malaysia. The world’s second largest manufacturer of disposable gloves, Supermax Group exports its products to over 160 countries. The Longueuil-based Supermax Healthcare Canada division was founded in 2004 and employs some twenty people. The BeyondMask™ division was founded in 2020 and involves a partnership between Supermax Healthcare Canada division and Montreal-based tech start-up Shapeshift 3D. BeyondMask™ was co-founded by Gabriel Coulet & Nicolas Bergeron, in collaboration with Francis Dion (Executive Chair) and Jonathan Borduas (CEO) from Shapeshift 3D. As a manufacturer of its own products, Supermax Group has developed a range of successful brands such as Supermax, Aurelia, Maxter, and now BeyondMask™, which offer products such as gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment that are reliable and recognized by laboratories, hospitals, pharmacists, doctors and surgeons around the world.

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