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Across many industries, workers are required to wear face masks at all times or for specific procedures in order to enure their safety. For a purchasing manager and a health & safety advidor, it's always about finding the product that provides optimal protection, high-breathability, minimum risk for the wearers, at the best cost-effectiveness. The BeyondMask™ products were designed to offer the best protection for all workers at a price that is 1.5 to 5 times more cost effective than any other disposable face mask enterprise sourcing across various business contexts. Could it be for the healthcare industry were professionals have to change their face mask at every patient, or in the industrial sector where workers change their face mask at everyshift, there is a BeyondMask™ product that will bring you safety and financial relief while putting a big smile on the face of your team!


Business Context: Need to equip all employees with required N95-level face masks in order to perform work and have worker-to-worker or worker-to-customer interactions.
Personal Protection Equipment Usage: Workers are required to change all PPE equipment after each shift period of 4 hours.


Cost of ownership variables

Disposable N95 Face Mask


Operators to equip



Average Face masks usages per day per operator



Face Mask used per day for all operators



Filters used per day for all operators



Annual Face Masks & Filters Expenditures for all operators



Annual Disposing Cost



Annual Cost of Sterilization and Sanitization (reusable face masks)



Annual total cost of ownership per operator



These are average numbers based on industry benchmarks and estimates. Get in touch with us to get your personal comparative analysis