BeyondMask™ - BeyondFit™


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 The comfort, breathability, and all other features of the BeyondFit™, with the simplicity of a standard product. No face scan, no 3D-printing, available in all standard sizes, suitable for all types of faces. The perfect solution to equip a large fleet of employees or customers.

  • The quality of the BeyondFit™, with the simplicity of the BeyondSafe™
  • Exactly same features as the BeyondFit™, except the custom-fitting and 3D-printing
  • A standard mask that was designed and optimized from a 10,000+ biometric references database
  • Standard sizes available from X-Small to X-Large
  • Your choice out of 5 color designs
  • A pack of 50 SafeFilters™
  • Possibility to engrave the name and logo of your organization and to personalize color design (Enterprise plan only)
  • Available at your local dealers, retail stores, and pharmacies. For an enterprise plan, contact us.
  • Anti-Impact rigid shell for optimal safety in any environment
  • 1 extra sets of filter caps